Frequently Asked Questions

  • My baby doesn’t really do much, will baby be charged? The general rule is if baby is accompanying an older sibling, baby will not be charged. However, if just baby and parent(s) visit, than an $8 admission fee will be charged. Generally, a child is considered a baby if he/she is a non-crawler. 

  • What can my baby do at Diddalidoo? Babies who are not yet physically able to explore the play structure are able to benefit from visual and auditory stimulation at Diddalidoo. We have an array of sensory stimulating toys for babies to enjoy. We have an infant soft-play area where babies can practice tummy time, rolling over, sitting up, crawling and other new motor skills.

  • My child is older than 4, can he still participate at Diddalidoo? At Diddalidoo, our priority is to provide a safe environment for the younger children. An older child is welcome to participate at Diddalidoo as long as he/she is accompanying a younger sibling in the 0-4 year old age range. Parents MUST supervise their older child.  If the older child poses a risk to the younger children, Diddalidoo reserves the right to direct the older child away from the play areas. Older siblings will be subject to the Older Sibling Rate.  Sibling discounts do not apply with Older Sibling Rate.  Diddalidoo reserves the right to turn away Older Siblings based on space availability. Please note that Diddalidoo was created for children 0-4 years old.

  • What does a Day Pass include? A day pass includes all day admission to Diddalidoo, with same day in-and-out privileges. Guests are welcome to bring their own food, snacks and drinks to enjoy in our cafe area.

  • Can I leave my child at Diddalidoo? Diddalidoo is not a daycare. Parents are required to stay with their children at all times. 

  • Are there age restrictions for birthday parties? There are no age restrictions. Any person 12 and younger will be considered a child and will be charged accordingly.

    Are socks required? In practicing healthy hygiene, socks are required for everyone, children AND adults in ALL play areas. This will be STRICTLY ENFORCED. Soft baby shoes are acceptable. Socks for children and adults are available for purchase. Shoes and bare feet are NOT allowed in any of the play areas. Guests may wear shoes on the carpeted areas and the cafe. Diddalidoo reserves the right to turn away guests who refuse to wear or purchase socks.

  • Is your play structure safe? The major components of our play structure was designed and manufactured in the USA from the ground up. Some of the components such as netting and vinyl come from our Canadian neighbors to the north. Our infant play materials and play structure have met rigorous Federal and local safety standards for children. We partnered with our good friends at Worlds of Wow who have tremendous experience with children’s indoor play center.

If your question is not answered above or would like additional information, please feel free to contact us.

  • Our Center

    Please check calendar for Open Play hours.

    • 3 Play Areas
    • Infant, Toddler & Interactive Open Play
    • Cafe

    Adult Supervision required. Children must be supervised by an adult 18 and older.

  • Socks Required

    Socks are required by adults and children of any age in ALL play areas.

    No Shoes or Bare Feet allowed in play areas. This will be strictly enforced.

    (Socks are available for purchase.)
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