Our Story

Soon-1.5.2016My husband and I created Diddalidoo soon after we became proud parents to our son Jordan in 2011.  As new parents, we were excited to show our precious Jordan the world. We soon realized, the world was not as baby friendly as we had hoped. There were days we just needed to get out of the house and could not decide where to go. We didn’t feel comfortable at coffee shops because of the glares from other patrons, especially with crying baby, stroller and all necessary baby gear in tow. We strolled the mall, but felt that Jordan was stuck in the stroller unable to develop his motor or social skills. We visited several play centers, but we couldn’t find one that completely fit our needs at this time in our lives. Some were focused for older, more active kids and too risky for babies to be around. Others were on a once a week class schedule and Jordan seemed to nap right before class time. Being new parents and concerned about cleanliness, we felt that certain play centers did not have cleanliness as their top priority. We felt there was more that could be done for babies and parents of young children, so we set out to fill that void. Diddalidoo became our solution.

After having our second son Cameron in 2013, I have a new found appreciation for Diddalidoo.  It’s not always an option to stay home with a toddler and infant.  Sometimes Jordan can get a little stir crazy and we need to go out so he can burn off some energy. However, it’s not easy to entertain small children who have different energy levels and are at different stages of motor development.  I love how Jordan can exhaust himself playing at Diddalidoo, while Cameron learns to sit up and crawl.   At Diddalidoo, I don’t have to worry about running after Jordan while chasing after him with the baby in the stroller, like I would have to in an open area like a park or museum.  I can easily watch over Jordan as I play with Cameron in the infant play area or if I’m feeding him a snack in the cafe.

Michael and I are local to the San Francisco Bay Area. I am originally from San Bruno and graduated from San Francisco State with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology-Concentration in Human Movement Studies. Michael was born and raised in San Francisco and graduated UC Davis with a Bachelor of Science in Managerial Economics. He is currently a Realtor with Climb Real Estate Group serving the San Francisco/Peninsula Area.

As parents, we believe that the early years of a child’s life are the most formative. Building a positive and supportive foundation early in a child’s life is essential for a child’s growing independence. We wanted to create a place to provide a supportive, positive, and resourceful environment for parents. All the while ensuring a fun place for young children to learn, explore, socialize and benefit from the nurturing environment.  Our ultimate inspiration for Diddalidoo comes from the love and laughter that we experience daily with Jordan, Cameron and our two dogs, Rocky and Bruiser. We hope you and your family create many happy memories at Diddalidoo. We welcome any suggestions or ideas you may have in enhancing your Diddalidoo experience.

Happy Parenting,

Bernice Soon

  • Our Center

    Please check calendar for Open Play hours.

    • 3 Play Areas
    • Infant, Toddler & Interactive Open Play
    • Cafe

    Adult Supervision required. Children must be supervised by an adult 18 and older.

  • Socks Required

    Socks are required by adults and children of any age in ALL play areas.

    No Shoes or Bare Feet allowed in play areas. This will be strictly enforced.

    (Socks are available for purchase.)
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    544 San Mateo Avenue
    San Bruno, CA.
    (650) 741-9065