Diddalidoo (did-duh-lee-doo) is an indoor play center created for babies and toddlers between the ages of 0-4 years old. Parents and young children have the opportunity to bond while exploring, learning and socializing through interactive play in 3 distinct play areas. Diddalidoo is a great place to connect with other parents and tots.  It’s also the perfect place for a play date or to host your Little One’s birthday party!

Diddalidoo has 3 distinct play areas to keep your Love Bug engaged.  Our infant play area is ideal for babies to improve their fine and gross motor skills while practicing tummy time, crawling, cruising and more. Filled with soft blocks, moonscape, wall-mounted puzzles and plenty of padding, parents can enjoy helping their infants develop new skills. The toddler play area is perfect for tots to toddle, tumble and climb as they discover new things in every nook and cranny of our multi-level play structure.  From the shy to the fearless, this play structure was thoughtfully designed to challenge toddlers at their individual stage of development.  Train tables, dollhouse, play kitchen and an array of toys fill the open play area to encourage creative and imaginative play.  The interactive play mat adds another dimension of play, while engaging children in pure physical activity.  With multiple visually stimulating graphics and ear-pleasing acoustics, babies have the opportunity to improve hand-eye coordination as they gleefully swat at the projected images. Motor skills improve, as crawlers, enticed by floating bubbles, balloons and mischievous mice, are motivated to chase the objects around the play mat. Your toddler will exhaust his supply of energy by spending hours running, jumping, stomping, and popping everything headed his way!

We also have a Quiet Room if your Little Love needs to take a break for a little quiet time.  It’s also perfect for nursing mothers to comfort their hungry babies.  If you forget to bring your snacks, our cafe offers a healthy assortment of beverages and snacks at very reasonable prices.  Don’t forget socks!  Have fun with your child at Diddalidoo, where a tired baby is a happy parent.

Adult Supervision required. Children must be supervised by an adult 18 and older.


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